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Chinese friends have found a way to disable the auto stop mode using the insertion into the hood control cable, this inset is worth ~ 12-15 $ (11.88US $ 49% OFF|Start stop For Chevrolet Cruze starter auto closer hood disabler for chevy Equinox Cavalier malibu 2017 2018 push start button|Starters| - AliExpress).
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I repeated myself for $ 2.
Aliexpress (15326808 13519047 3 Way GT 150 auto Plug for Fuel Sensor Applications GM Delphi connector) bought connectors and started assembling.
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In the covers found three wires, a piece of plastic corrugations and a resistor of 2.4 com (took the power 1W, well, I wanted everything (to be honest, I just found it, I took it), I do not think that such a powerful resistor needs such a powerful resistor in the corrugation enough, and decided not to look for)
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First collected the first connector
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Then the resistor soldered and the contacts came up from the second connector, in the connector itself, one hole was muffled with a piece of elasty (by any sealant), i.e. Sealed.
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Then he made the wire in the corrugation and collected the second connector.
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I installed on the car (in the hood lock connector)
AUTO STOP is disabled, I did not find errors, the condition of the hood car distinguishes, the remote is started.

All given links are not advertising, but only an example

PS This text is translated from the Russian language with the help of Google Translator, I am not a carrier of English. If there are errors please be perceptible.

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They've had something similar for trucks for a while. They are adapters that fit behind the button. They basically automatically pushes the 'disable auto stop' button for you - but this is great solution for vehicles that don't have the ability to turn it off.
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