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How-To: Dome and map light change over w/ pics

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This is copied from my other thread I figured I would paste it here for easy reference since it was on page 2 of that thread.

Here is the how to on the light covers

Tools required:
Pocket sized screwdriver or interior molding tool.

First push the tool into the crease on rear most side of the lens,

And gently pry the lens down and repeat on the other side,

Then find the long thin tabs and gently pry those down,

Once both of those are released gently pull the lens off,

That is a close up of the tabs that hold it on be gentle,

Remove the bulbs and replace them with the LEDs.

Remember LEDs are polarity directional if they don't work flip them over

the process is the same for the rear dome light.
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I haven't had to do an gen 1 yet but my wife's Malibu was similar
I've done my Gen1, and the pics look identical. The only difference I can see the placement of the OnStar buttons which makes no difference.

One thing I will mention - you may find the LED "dims" differently. The one I had would dim slightly then go out abruptly rather than do a smooth fade. So I ended up using a Silver Star regular bulb for the front dome. I have warm LEDs for all the other positions. The color between the two is excellent, and it's still cooler than stock.

While I like the cool LED for license plate and backup lights, I'm not real keen on the "cold" look it gives to my interior.
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