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hold your horses, i know about the online parts websites. I am looking parts specific to different markets, in my case Australia and/or Korea.

I figure the best way is to get the GM electronic parts catalog with full access to all markets. Is this doable?
I am a little spoiled by previous BMW's and Benz's where it is easy to obtain the electronic parts catalog for all markets and dealers have no problem ordering parts that were never sold in the country where you wanna buy them without any additional shipping charges. Anyone experienced this to be the case for GM too?

The other way i can think of is to get in touch with members from that markets, which i hope are present in this forum. Raise your hand if you read this!

To satisfy your curiosity, i am looking to get the drivers side inner tail light from the Holden Astra Sedan (which is assembled in Korea). Why? Australia is driving on the wrong side of the road (haha) and have the rear fog light on the right, while mine is on the left. In order to get a clear lens there i would have to switch to that one. US model would work too. But my hope is that they are made in China from the same company that manufactures my stock tails so i would avoid any look/fitment deviations or having to switch the whole set.
By the way photos of said tail lights from the back from any region are welcome.

(additionally i want to get a hold on RS parts, which is an north america exclusive package - but that's a different story)


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