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How-To: Fix A Oil Drain Cover

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So I found that after a little while I needed to fix my oil drain cover. The part holding the front of the cover to the engine splash shield has somehow been worn out in just a few months time it completely came off. So having somewhat of an IT background I decided to fix it myself with zip ties (I'll follow up for updates as to if this actually works or not).

Steps I took:
1) I drilled a few holes in the oil drain cover itself approximately an inch apart that were a little wider than the zip tie itself.

2) After that I did the same for the engine splash shield; I found that just putting the back of the drill on the ground was just enough to drill into the cover and the aluminum heat shield for the cover. Just watch your fingers while doing this as you'll need to apply a little pressure from the top (between the cover and the oil pan).

3) Then you can feed the zip tie however you fell like doing so, I started with 2 going toward the ground from the oil pan & the rest I fed them toward the oil pan to make it a little easier on myself.

4) Then feed the zip tie through the holes you made in the oil cover; before tightening the tie, screw the oil cover down so that the spacing between the oil cover and the splash shield are good and won't prevent it from shutting.

5) Then zip all the ties making then tight enough for a little play on the oil cover, but not loose enough the it'll flap around in the wind.

And then you're done!

5.5) If you want to make sure it opens and closes to be safe you can, I did and it works very well.
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