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If you have a Gen 2 sedan and have a water leak in the trunk after rain, it's likely one of two things:

1. The third brake light - there's a recall for 2016/17's to replace the gasket. Sometimes after the gasket is replaced, the third brake light assembly itself will crack. This water usually ends up in the battery compartment.

2. If it's a RS like mine, it's probably the spoiler. This water pools in the spare tire section of the trunk. It appears to not be super well sealed from the factory. A tube of general purpose silicone from the hardware store and less than an hour of your time and you'll be able to fix it yourself.

The trunk liner rivets pry off easily with a trim removal tool, and the trunk liner can be set aside.

There are 7 bolts and 2 tabs on the end of the spoiler that hold it into the trunk lid. It's most likely the clips on the end leaking, which are hidden (I had to use my phone camera to see it) and drip on top of the taillight housing, making it look like the taillight itself is leaking. Both inner trunk taillights have to come out to get at the last two bolts on the spoiler, but all spoiler bolts are fairly accessible with a 10mm socket, an extension, and a swivel joint. Be careful that you don't drop them as you pull them off or you will lose them to the bowels of the trunk lid. The taillights are held in by a single 7mm bolt, and held to the trunk by the clips on the side. Remove the bolt, then pull on the side of the taillight and up away from the trunk lid. They will release with a good bit of effort.

Clean up the nasty looking trunk lid where the spoiler was, put a generous dab of silicone on each of the plastic clips and a little bit around the threads of each bolt. Carefully lower the spoiler back into the trunk lid, and reinstall each of the spoiler bolts with a generous dab of silicone so that it makes a good seal against the trunk lid when tightened down. I cleaned up the seals on the taillights with a paper towel and reinstalled.



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Thanks for the tutorial! Had this same issue, water leaking through the guide pins on the end.
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