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im still wondering why nobody responded to my request for help or advice on the panel covering the fuel filter i ve just got this car an not sure if it should have a panel or not really need some help here folks a picture of the panel would be great thanks
The panel you are refering to is the large aero panel that is removed by 10MM socket spaken of on page 1 of this post. I can't find a farther away shot of that panel from a quick search.

I relocated my fuel filter to the engine compartment on the fire wall . I can now do top side fuel filter change as it is on VW TDI's .

I am thinking on putting in a top mounted CAT Fuel Filter were access would be from top side and not on the bottom . I have all the parts and hoses to do the Mod . I just need to make the time in a cold garage ... I know I am a Wuss.....Ahem Embrace The Suck ...LOL I really don't like the location of the stock filter...To bad GM did not learn from VW and MB and BMW and do a top side Oil and Fuel filter access .
Is this what you did?
1 - 1 of 144 Posts
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