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Finally fixed my Gen 1 ‘14 Diesel wiper nozzle post-nasal drip issue today. $22 on Amazon LINK.

NOTE: order took about a month to arrive, apparently ships from Korea even though packaging shows AC Delco part.

Since many Gen 1 folks are out of warranty, it’s getting less-likely GM will fix this issue for free. No worries, it’s pretty cheap and easy to do if you have 20 minutes and a beer.

Tools/supplies needed

Streaking from wiper nozzle

Using Flat screwdriver or trim removal tool, pop out (11) trim fasteners holding hood insulation in place. When popping the fasteners, be sure to keep a finger on the flat side of the fastener, otherwise you’ll drop one and it’ll disappear forever in the engine bay (trust me).

After removing wiper fluid supply hose from nozzle, use pliers to squeeze/pinch clips and push nozzle through hood

After removing old nozzle, clean outside of hood before installing new nozzle

Old style has single wide-angle spray vs New style has 3 spray orifices

Insert new nozzle through hood, requires a 90 degree twist to fit through. After clipping into place, push supply hose onto fitting and re-install hood liner + clips.

The new nozzles each spray 3 distinct jets onto the windshield. Not crazy about the new design, the old style sprayed a wide-angle mist across the entire windshield. But, the new style appears to work fine.

No more drips!
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