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Sounds like you could also get a tune where the throttle inputs is changed to be less sensitive. My Honda has the econ button that kinda smooths out tip in and back in my Trifecta Select-a-tune days on the Eco I just ran the eco tune. Throttle physically untouched, just the software was. Not sure what they do now, BNR could in theory help the same way. There was some sort of drive box that folks would spam the forums with but they didn't really work that good.

Drive any early 2000's GM Truck from up north. You get used to the "squish", followed by the moment of panic. Just about every single one of them the brake lines rust out. I've had it happen on a couple GM cars too.
Or you could be like me in my Eco and burn out the brake booster pump on the turnpike...LOL.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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