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Let me reopen this thread and begin by saying I did this procedure 3 years (2017)/40,000 miles ago. When I did it, my spouse said he'd noticed the Cruze running exceptionally better.

At 180,000 miles today, it still runs better than ever before, and I'm am really angry that I just received that service bullshit bulletin from GM. I have the receipt for the camshaft cover part(because I wasn't going to pay their greedy asses the labor charge) but of course you know since the work wasn't performed by chevy, I won't be reimbursed for the second blown cover. First was covered under power train.

I reset my password as I haven't logged in here for years to say Xtreme revolution deserves all of the stars and credit in the world for coming up with this fix long before the stupid idiots at general motors acknowledged it. This is not the first time that they've sent us a service bulletin for one of our vehicles (like the equinox) for an issue we have well over the 120,000 mile mark. They wouldn't even reimburse us for the Equinox diagnosis fee when it was before the 120,000 mark, (Link included to post) and thus being the reason why we traded the equinox in for a Honda. I still have the Cruze (thanks to xtreme revolution) as it's now my husband's car for in-town driving (since I don't trust it on road trips anymore), and I currently drive a Toyota. The cruze was the last GM vehicle we purchased after my family has bought over 10 vehicles from them in my lifetime. My grandad used to sell GM cars, and taught us to be loyal.

We've broken that generational custom and say, "screw general motors." They come on this forum trying to offer "solutions" that really are just assurances that a dealer can resolve your problem even though we already know this, without disclosing they're gonna charge you not just full price, but for poor design issues that they later acknowledge when it's too late.
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