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How-To: Holden Cruze 1.8L Manual Transmission Oil Change

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I finally found a Russian sourced guide written and a Youtube video for how to change the MT oil on the Australian Cruze 1.8L with MFC code 5 speed gearbox.

It is based on the Daewoo Lacetti, which has the same gearbox as the above mentioned Cruze.

Youtube video (Russian language, but the footage is comprehensive and easy to follow).

An english translation (possibly google translate) based on the above mentioned video and original article on

I was baffled by my gearbox specifics, where the drain & level plugs are. There is no drain plug, only the level plug and you have to remove the oil pan to drain it, cleaning and installing an new gasket and preferably use a gasket sealant too.

The lube guides are vague on this gearbox for the Holden Cruze (sometimes reads "refer to dealer"). Castrol says you can use VMX 80 for a Daewoo Lacetti, but I think that is only good for sub zero temperatures, it is thin like water. Australian hot conditions need the 75w-90 GL4 which is hard to find in Australia but I did match Nulon (yuk!) and Penrite brand 75w-85 in the lube guides.

Hopefully this is of some use. I also use the Pro-ma MBL8 which is the main reason I wanted an oil change and the shop where I took it overfilled it. The page seems to indicate the fill capacity is 1.6L if going by the level plug and they poured the whole 2 Litres in!

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