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How-To: Install 2011-2016 Cruze Ultra Racing Rear Lower Bar

The UR rear lower chassis bar is a quick and simple upgrade that reduces body flex on the Gen1 Cruze during cornering maneuvers and improves ride stability and comfort.

Tools Required:
- 10mm socket (if Eco trim)
- 18mm socket
- Ratchet
- 6-10" socket extension
- Torque wrench (This one is ~$40 on
- Optional: breaker bar

Parts Required:
- Gen1 Cruze Ultra Racing Rear Lower Chassis Bar ($120 shipped on

Raise the rear of the vehicle enough that you can slide in from the back all the way to the fuel tank. I used ramps for this as it provided me more ground clearance and was far quicker and easier.

If you have a Cruze Eco, you'll have a deflector that will be in the way. Remove the 10mm plastic nuts holding the deflector on. There should be 6 nuts.

Next, locate and remove the center and rear-most bolts on the rear axle brackets.

Fit the UR lower bar over where the bolts were removed, and lightly thread the bolts back in.

Tighten the bolts to 66lb-ft + 45 degrees (about 1/8 of a turn). A breaker bar makes this easier. That's it!

If you have a Cruze Eco, re-fit the deflector, lightly tightening the plastic nuts (they will strip easily and don't need to be very tight).

To complement this rear lower bar, be sure to check out the Ultra Racing front strut tower bar and rear strut tower bar as well. Both will improve handling through chassis rigidity, ride stability, and ride comfort.


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Sounds TTY bolts. Do you want to re-torque them that much on a re-use?

It looks like Chevy did a good job on the rustproofing, but the bolts - not so much. Might not be a bad idea to replace them.
That's the torque spec for them according to GM and they're pretty large bolts.

There are 4 of them holding each axle bracket. So I don't think it will be too big of an issue to reuse them, but I'll look into replacements.

I sprayed that whole area over with some AMSOIL MPHD to get a corrosion protection layer on it for a year or two. Not bad for a 5 year old car.

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