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HOW-TO: Install a pedestal spoiler

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This is a pretty straight forward job that takes a bit of nerve to overcome the sick feeling in your stomach when you are about to ruin the paint job on your baby. I initially started to write this up with the individual pictures, but due to the sheer numbers, I did a composite write-up. As my pictures will show the multitude of steps I took, I have deviated a little from the standard write-up format. See How-To: Write a Tutorial for more information. PS – I wrote this in what will be agonizing detail for some, but great for the not so experienced. If there are any questions, please ask, I’ll answer as best as I can and if needed I will modify the tutorial. So let’s take a look at my K-town Cruzer…

(There is a lot of information embedded in the photo's)

01. Determine your paint color.
Text Font Automotive exterior Vehicle

02. Assemble all the items you will need and find a suitable work-space.
Land vehicle Car Chevrolet cruze Vehicle Trunk

03. Tools and materials needed.
Product Plastic

04. Order the wing and assist spring.

05. Inspect your wing.
Technology Fashion accessory

06. Remove the trunk liner.
Text Font Line Number Screenshot

07. Take care removing the plastic rivets as it is a 2 step process.
Tool Hammer drill Machine Handheld power drill Bicycle fork

08. Situate the wing and mark for placement.
Red Automotive exterior Bumper Product Hood

09. Install the hole markers being careful to keep the wiring between the wing and markers.
Auto part Engine Automotive engine part Carburetor

10. Set the wing in place, carefully relocate it and tape the markers down.
Wire Auto part Cable Engine Automotive engine part

11. Inspect your work again.
Scale model Architecture Floor Vehicle

12. Remove the wing and drill the holes in the outer panel. (for some reason I have no photos of the markers in place prior to drilling)
Trunk Vehicle Bumper Automotive exterior Car

13. Drill the inner holes. (I chose to drill them from the inside as the bit did not want to bite into that panel, but instead would slide down as the bit spun)
Product Cutting tool Plastic Tool accessory

14. Set your first screw up and have the other three screws with washer and tape ready to go. If you are going to use the thread-locker, have it open and set inside as well. (Again no, pictures, some screw up ;>) -- I recreated the screw setup)

15. (Once again – no pictures here) Once all the holes are drilled and cleaned up, but not yet painted, set your wing on the trunk with the wiring pushed through the proper hole. Careful not to nick the wiring or consider installing the grommet temporarily, but do not peel the backing off of the wing cushions yet. Tape the wing in place using one or two long strips of blue tape. Carefully open the trunk – a friend or two would help here, but I did it by myself - and look at the holes with a flashlight to ensure they match with the threaded wing inserts. If they do, go to the next step. If they do not, relocate the wing. If one or more are just off, either drill them out to the next size on the step bit or open them up just enough to align the wing. Remember that the less you drill away, the stiffer the wing will be at the attachment points so be deliberate in your measurements. Remove the wing and grommet if you installed it.

16. Do your touch up and final prep before installing the wing. I was too busy to take photos of the actual install. I set my screw driver and screws inside the trunk, peeled off the backing tape from the wing, inserted the wire into the grommet, and gently placed the wing in place. Do not fully stick it at this point. Carefully open trunk lid and inspect the holes to see if they line up. If they are grossly off, lift the wing and re-emplace it. Keep trying until you get it right. If they are just a hair off, without pushing down, pull the wing in the direction need to line them up. This will only work if they are only slightly misaligned. Install the screws. I was able to get two installed and then had to pull the wing for the other two. In the interest of full disclosure, I did not initially use the tape to help with the screws and my first attempt, I lost it and the washer in the bowels of the trunk lid. I went about a week without until I figured out the size and found a replacement. Sportwing sent me the sizes and they are:
A) 4 each – M-6 x 5/8” Screws
B) 4 – Lock Washers
C) 4 – Flat Washers (small for 5/8” hole)
Once the wing is bolted down, do any final touch-ups, install the supplied grommets and reinstall the trunk liner. Cleanup and …
Red Automotive exterior Vehicle Material property Car

17. Enjoy!
Car Trunk Vehicle Automotive exterior Spoiler

Possible Sources:

Step Bit:

Grommet Assortment:

Nylon Pry Bars:

China Marker:

Scratch Stick:




Trunk Assist Spring:

Trunk Spring video I found:
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