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How-To: Install BNR Heat Shield

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Below will be a post on how to install this part on the 1.4T Sonic and Cruze. The directions that came with it were like the instructions for launching the space shuttle, so I will try and simplify them a bit with better photos.

Here is the part: BNR Heat Shield Chevrolet Cruze and Sonic 1.4T-BNR-HSLUJ
Install guide: Heatshield Install.pdf

I chose to install it over the stock shield but it can be configured with or without this part. It comes with all hardware needed.

Part after unboxing:
Gas Nickel Cylinder Aluminium Metal

Gas Rectangle Font Nickel Aluminium

Engine before:
Motor vehicle Hood Vehicle Car Automotive design

Installing the bracket to hold it:

(as you can see it IS compatible with the Big 3/4 kits)
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Gas Automotive exterior

Motor vehicle Automotive design Car Vehicle Automotive air manifold

Remove bottom stock heat shield bolt if applicable and install stud:
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive design Automotive exhaust

Put shield on and line up bottom stud with hole in shield, screw on the 10mm nut and washer as well as top 3 hex bolts and washers:
Automotive design Motor vehicle Car Vehicle Automotive air manifold

Automotive tire Hood Automotive lighting Light Motor vehicle
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