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How-To: Install LED Switchback

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well hay there!

i looked around to see if anyone had done a write up on this with no results, SOOOOOO i did this myself and heres what i did

DISCLAIMER: this can be easy or hard depending your your level of experience, i work on cf-18 hornets in the canadian forces so this is oh so easy for me, i dont not take liability if you damage your car doing this


for thoes of you chuckling and saying this is easy for you too, come along on this adventure with me :)

First get your tools:

Pliers Diagonal pliers Wire stripper Lineman's pliers Wire

small blade and a pair of pliers

Electronics Technology Tool

a multimeter a mans best friend!

now for parts! you will need:

Red Pink Vehicle Car Magenta
Pink Finger Nail Material property Hand

2 easy splice for each turn signal so 4 in total.

Electronics Technology Electronic device

and 2 resistors (these are 50 watt 6 oms of resistance)

and 2 led switchback bulbs!!!! 7443 size:)

alright!!!! now down to business.

step 1

start by unplugging one or both of your front turn signal lights from the housing and also unplug the wire from them light mount
this will free up space and stop you from maby damaging any parts that are close by and what your working with.

Technology Auto part

this is what you should end up with, i also at this point tested to see if my switchback bulb fit in the socket

step 2

now that the factory bulbs are removed and the socket from the housing we have a bit more room to work with.
take your blade and cut back the protective tape to uncover the 3 wires that are connected to the turn signal female plug.

Wire Auto part Fuel line

this is what it should look like now ( roughly)

now both sides have 3 wires but they are different colours.

black is your ground so one end of your resistor will be spliced to this wire on both turn signal plugs

heres the different colors

Finger Technology Electronic device Nail Hand
Wire Auto part Automotive lighting Electrical wiring Automotive fuel system

left right

left: black, green/purple and grey/orange

Right: black light blue/white, purple/grey

Wire Cable Finger Technology Electrical connector

i put in 2 small pieces of jewellery wire my girlfriend has cause she's artsy fartsy
into the plug to check the voltage to make sure im splicing the correct wires
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too many photos so heres the rest

Wire Electrical wiring Technology Electronics Electronic device

i turn on my turn signal in my car and check the voltage,set your voltimeter to 20v

so starting from the black wire (ground) to the center plug and i got a voltage of 6.88
and it then jumped to 10v so this is the rite one! :)

Wire Auto part Technology Cable Fuel line

prepare your quick splice and see where you wanna put it

Auto part Tire Automotive tire Bumper Vehicle

one end of the resistor and the black (ground) rite and CRUNCH it in

do the same on both. and the other end of the resistor goes to the center wire on both plugs, this is the turn signal positive wire

now that both ends of the resistor are crimped into place you are ready to test, don't button everything up just yet, make sure everything works properly before you put everything away.

and thats it , tape it all up nicly with electrical tape and put everything back to its rightful place

hope this helps

video of results will be on here tonight :)

ask questions ill answer
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Not a bad write-up man, nice work!
thanks :)
I'm trying to watch the video but it says it's private?

Sent from my Autoguide iPhone app
Where did you mount the resistor? I had those for my truck and found that they got extremely hot to the point of burning your finger if you touched them...
I had them for my tail lights too, so powered on at all times... Is this the case with your or were mine defective? Just would hate to melt anything or screw
anything up under the hood....
sorry about the video, iv'e fixed it and now it should work :)

as for the mounting iv'e left them firmly suspended by attaching the wire together with electrical tape to the original harness leaving a space so that they are not touching anything :) they do get verry hot this is normal.
Shouldn't they be mounted to a heatsink or body of the vehicle?
im just making sure i understood everything correctly.

you simply splice the resistor that comes with the bulbs to the center wire of both harnesses and the ground, correct?
i dont not take liability if you damage your car doing this
Doesn't that mean you do take liability lol :signs015:
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lol jnoobs!

my bad!

and yes sik gambler, ground and center wire :)
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lol i just had to put my 2 cents in somewhere
cool. this is a super easy mod i think I may have to partake in it.

Another question, since you work on fighter jets!

would you happen to know how to move the DRL to the blinkers? so I have the white DRL with the switchback acting for the blink :drool:
Hi guys,

When you drive night, the switchback lights (front side) are ON or OFF?
My original bulbs, when i drive night are ON (amber) but the switchback LED are OFF.
I have them ON (white) only when the DRL is active (daytime)
:(( How can i make them to be ON (white) when the DRL is inactive?

at night they are on and white
day time running are on and white
only when your use your turn signal should they not be white. they should be amber

the only way to have them on when day time lights are not on is to turn your headlights on manually and also if you push the fog light button ( if you have them ) that also turns all your lights on as well

what kind of switchbacks did you buy?

mode one or two?

mode one: like me ,only activates yellow ( amber) when you put your turn signal on

mode two: alternates between white and yellow (amber) when your turn signal is activated

i've never dealt with a car with mode two, so i am not 100% sure on how that would work.

let me know if i was able to answer your question...

if not, lets figure this out.
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so sik gambler, if i understand correctly you want your headlights to be off during the day and just have the led switchback on in its place?
Thanks Ru5ty,

Dual Color Switch Back Switchback 3157 3457 LED Turn Signal Lights & Resistors | eBay

This is the model, at night are OFF, at day are white and are switching to amber when i am using the turn signal. I don't know why they are OFF at night, i have the lights in AUTO mode (i don't have fog lights).

Thanks again :)
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you do have the resistors installed correct?

also could your bulbs be installed backwards?
ive heard nothing but bad things about firflys on ebay , you may have received a faulty product. you would not be the first.

also ive noticed with the link you have given me , thoes are not the correct size, mine are 7443
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I checked the resistors wires and are ok, i put the bulbs backward and the same problem ( white is on only when the DRL is active). I checked the bulbs and are 7443-7444. :((( The white lights are going off when i press the gear button to go in R/N/D mode.
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