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How-To: Install Oil Press gauge sensor to/with OEM Oil Sender

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I posted this in my other post, First couple mods the Cruze. But this seems a better place for it.

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This is in response to a message I got. If anyone is curious on where to place a "T" connection for the Oil Press gauge here it is. Circled in orange is the oil filter housing. At the base of that housing is the OEM Oil Sending Unit( Red Arrow). Without the "T", picture it in place of the "T". Remove the OEM Oil Sending Unit( I believe a 7/8 deep socket, 6 point preferred) and place the "T" connection. Please use thread tape to help prevent leaks. I got my "T" from, it's a 3 way splitter. The best way to do this is with the GlowShift pressure unit to be facing straight out like in the picture and with the OEM unit where it is in the pic. If either of them are on the bottom near the exhaust manifold, the heat could likely destroy either sensor. Be sure to put the heat absorbent cover back on the OEM sensor connector( Blue Arrow), a must do. If you don't, it could cause future problems down the road. If you don't put the OEM sensor back on at all, the engine is likely not to start or will start then shut off. If anyone needs better picture(s), let me know and I'll do my best to get them. If you need any additional info, I'll be glad to help you out.
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Looking forward to it. I need to tap into that same thread to install my bypass filtration kit.

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