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Make sure the bracket/plate-lite-lens actually works. I ended up 3d printing a new bracket portion as the one that came with it was completely wrong and made for the Korean version and not the US version.

Off the top of my head:

Buy a step bit
buy some grommets
buy some touch up paint
buy some corrigated wire protector
Remove the trunk liner including the trunk lid liner.
remove the probably rusted screws (replace with stainless)
remove the lens
verify the new bracket will hold the lamp - if so keep going
Unbolt the chrome strip
pick a grommet that the RCA cable will fit
find a suitable spot to drill the hole for the RCA cable
drill the hole so that the grommet will fit
paint the raw edges
route the camera through the chrome strip, then the grommet, then the hole
insert the grommet after the paint is dry
reinstall the chrome strip
reinstall the lamp
reinstall the lens
put some wire protector on the wire
route the wire down the trunk support
reinstall the trunk lid liner

to be continued later
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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