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For the 1.8L you need a 6 pt socket to put cable from positive to front engine ground). I was able to install 2/3 cables because of this. (Smurfenstein texted me how to do for mine.) Oh and dont drop any bolts. You will hate your life when it gets to a crevice unknown to earth and gearheads. This is why it took me 2 hours had to find a 11 mm bolt.

I will add a "how to" to this thread for the 1.8L guys after Tuesday when I get the 6 pt socket lol.. btw even with only 2 cables my battery voltage is steady at 14v. Used to go down to high 12s.

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I already have my kit installed, I'll take some pictures for SF to add.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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