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How-To: Installing HIDS (LED/Halogen headlight similar)

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Allright guys, i decided to put in a set of HIDs that I had laying around. Day 3 of ownership, mod 2. Ill give a quick overview of how to do it, and reference images. Our cars (with projector lenses) use 9005 bulbs.

This is a picture of a HID bulb, ballast, and igniter. The ballast and igniter are connected to each other, so in this tutorial they will both be referred to as the ballast.

First, pop the hood, imagine that. We will start on the drivers side since its the easiest.
Push the tab in this image

towards the rad support, grab the washer fluid neck with your other hand and pull up in a slight twisting motion and itll pop right off. If its completely full of washer fluid all the way up the neck, you will now be wet.

this is where you will be at now. you can see the cap on the back of the headlight. turn it counter clock wise until it stops easily turning, then pull it off. It has an O ring on it, so itll have a bit of a seal. At this point you can unplug the headlight bulb by pulling the tabs back a little and pushing down on the plug, then turn the headlight bulb counter clockwise and removing it. you can install your HID bulb now, then plug in your ballast. If you plan on keeping the cap, you will have to depin the bulb from its connector, drill a hole in the cap and install a gromit and run the wires through it. youll want the smallest gromit possible for the wires to go through to keep a seal. i recommend adding some type of dielectric grease or sealant at this point so help seal it more. repin the connector, hook up the ballast and mount it somewhere. im planning on 2 way taping it to the headlight housing. reinstall the washer fluid next by sliding the bottom part into the washer fluid jug and the tabs into it holes marked in image 2. see this image for a demonstration.

hit the unlock button and you should see what is in image 4. Youre half(ish) way there!

Now for the passenger side. This one is a little more difficult as the air box is in the way. You dont have to completely remove it, but to make it easier we will remove the cold air tube that goes from the grill to the air box.

Remove push pin (refrencing images 5 and 6) and you can pull the cold air tube out. there is a small tab you have to depress on the air box side of the tube. i forgot to take a picture, but image 7 is the tube removed.

Now you can grab the airbox and pull up on it and ill come out of place, push it aside a bit and youll have room for your hand to fit behind the headlight and work.

Remove the cap by turning it counter clockwise and pulling back on it. The O ring on the cap is a seal so it may have a small amount of resistance. Pull back on the tabs for the connector on the bulb, then push down on it to remove it.

now turn the bulb counter clockwise and remove it. install the HID bulb, then plug in the ballast. I plan on installing the ballast by 2way taping it to the headlight housing.

Youre done!
Now enjoy some comparison photos. Please ignore the dirty lenses.

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Looks good! Any pictures of output shots? Maybe one against a wall so we can see how the cutoff looks? I'm wanting hid's and am contemplating a full retrofit with proper hid projectors but if the output is decent and doesn't blind oncoming traffic I might leave it as is!
was that a 35 watt system? and do you have pictures of it against a wall or on a highway? thanks
May I ask why HIDs? Between cost and lifespan they don't seem so great anymore, some of the incandescent styles can reach the 5200k and LED headlight replacements are becoming more available.
Is a 9005 bulb the same as an H13 bulb? I was thinking of going LED, but Xenon bulbs at 4,000 Kelvin are brighter than any LED replacement bulb and the logical choice when looking for greater night driving visibility.
If someone needs, I've installed led under the stock dust caps.
Is a 9005 bulb the same as an H13 bulb? I was thinking of going LED, but Xenon bulbs at 4,000 Kelvin are brighter than any LED replacement bulb and the logical choice when looking for greater night driving visibility.
They are not. The housing lock & twist mechanism is different. I also made this mistake because they look the same size but they won't lock in place. 9005 HB3 all the way.
What was the bulb wattage? 35 or 55 and does this kit used can bus errors eliminators?
Can you please post some light pattern pictures? PLease i really want good cutoff line, tried leds, but now thinking to go HID...
I’ve done a HID conversion in my Cruze and love it. No error eliminators are needed and the vehicle doesn’t tell you if a light is out. For those with projector housings already in your vehicle it should be fine to just put them in. I didn’t need to adjust my headlights at all after installing the bulbs. I would however highly recommend installing a relay harness so that the bulbs will actually stay on. I had an issue with it when I first installed the bulbs and ballasts not getting enough power to keep them turned on. As for the temperature of the bulb I’d say get whatever you want, however when it’s wet or foggy out the 6000k bulbs I have make it difficult to see the lines in the road. If you have fog lights that are stock temperature they will help with line visibility. The 35w ballasts should allow the bulbs to last the longest amount of time but overall will not be as bright as the 55w ballasts so take your pick. For photos of the relay harness wiring let me know and I can post them.
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