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How to jack back of Cruze without Z link

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Hi all,

I have a 2013 Eco - no Z link.

Where should I put my jack to lift the car and use jack stands. If I use the jack point to lift the car then where do I put the jack stands because the jack is now in the way?

When working on other vehicles I can always find somewhere safe to lift from the back and then lower the vehicle onto the jack stands. Videos always show lifting from the z-link but I don't have that. I borrowed this pic from another post:

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Thanks y'all. I always appreciate the help you give.
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What are all those holes in the spare tire well?

I jack the front of the Gen1 either on the lower control arm rear pivot or the section of frame just behind the front tire shown in the above pic. On the Gen2, I use the frame section only with a thin piece of wood between jack and body to distribute the load.
On the rear of the Gen1, I use the spring mounts or the frame section in front of the tire. On the Gen2, same thing.
I would not use the pinch welds unless I have the appropriate slotted jacking puck for them.
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