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Disclaimer: I'm NOT responsible for any damage done to your vehicle.

Let’s get started

IF you never solder or are not comfortable with soldering;
1. Please read some tutorials.
Soldering Tutorials 1
Soldering Tutorials 2

2. Practice. I like to practice with some old/broke circuit boards, there’s no risk in braking what’s already broken!!
3. Patience. Please Take your time and look at what you’re going to be removing/modding.

1. Solder Station. Any Solder Station will do. I recommend weller solder stations. Remember most of the components are very small so get a station that is able have different Tips.
2. Solder Wick/Braid. Get here.
3. Reverse Action Tweezers These are great for soldering Small components. Get here.

4. Solder.

Most of the LEDs we’re going to be changing are “PLCC-2”.
I buy mine from ebay, Great Price and great turnouts!! Here’s who I use
HKJE LED Lamp Center.

Let’s get started!!
In this tutorial I'm gonna show you how to do LED Swap on the Temp Control!!!!

Here’s what it looks like all pretty and new!

Remove the Gauge Cover. Remove 5 T-9 Screws.

To remove the Cold/Hot and Off to High Fan knobs you have to firmly pull outwards. don't be scared!!

Here’s the Circuit Board in all its Glory. Cue the Mystical Music. ”AHahahahaAHahaHah”.

here's the rear view of the circuit board. We're going to swap the LEDs that light up the off to High fan value, we have to remove the the rotary controls soldered onto the board.

Apply the solder iron tip each side the LED one at a time. If the LED doesn’t Budge use some solder wick.
Once LED is removed, apply Solder to the silver pad, if you put to much remove it with the solder wick and try again.

The LED will have a small notch at one corner. That tell you that Cathode leg of the LED. Face the Notch towards the Cathode Drawing on the circuit board.

Place the new LED in between the silver pad while holding the LED with the Reverse action Tweezers, hit each Leg of the LED with the solder iron to solder the LED in place.
Repeat for all other LEDs you want to replace.

Here’s the Finished product.

Any comments please PMME.

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This is awesome, definitely going to do this one day. Also I made the text smaller so its not astronomical in nature, and easier to read.

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@ dasaint80,

Great write up indeed! :)

How did you manage to remove the knobs on the radio panel?

I've been trying to figure that out for the longest time and you are the first one that I've seen who has successfully done it. :)


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1st eat wheaties.
2nd grab knob firmly.
3rd pull outwards...first the knob will disconnect from housing, then you'll see the outer knob and a smaller knob underneath (white) keep pulling outward and it will fully disconnect from connect on circuit board....

4th drink beer and get to soldering!!

Happy soldering....

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