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How to log knock retard in Torque

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Hey guys,

I have Torque set up with the custom GM PIDs and I have knock retard and knock sensor active counter set to log. When I log into the torque site, I'm not seeing either of those in the graphs, or the logs. Any ideas?

(Sorry if this is the wrong place to post, seemed engine related since I'm trying to determine what octane to run)
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I don't know how to record the torque KR graph, but I do know how to figure out your car's actual octane rating.

First, check and reset your spark plugs gap to 0.035". I pesonally saw the gap specs listed in the US on-line GM Service Manual. For the 1.8L engine it is 0.028" (no range given). For the 1.4T engine it is 0.0335" to 0.0374". Instructions for regapping are at There is a link the NGK's yutube video for how to properly regap the plugs on the page as well. Post your pregap measurements at Then run a couple of tanks at 87, a couple at 89, and a couple at 91/93 octane. Record your MPG for all three thanks and also pay attention to how the car responds and how the gas pedal fells while accelerating. Pick the lowest octane that has smooth response and smooth gas pedal feel.
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