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How-to: Open the Hood

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So, you're new to your Cruze, or new to DIY'ing on your Cruze. Need to do something like add windshield washer fluid or check the oil? First, you need to get that hood open!

DISCLAIMER: This how-to is provided for informational purposes only. Neither I nor CruzeTalk have any responsibility or liability for any injury or damages resulting from following this how-to.

Tools needed:
Two hands
Optional: a set of gloves

Step 0: Unlock and open the driver's side door.

Step 1: locate the hood open latch. It's under the driver's side of the dashboard, to the left of the brake pedal. In the picture below, it's the piece of plastic with the car symbol on it.

To open the hood, slide your fingers behind and firmly pull out. The handle will swing up and stop. Stop pulling on it once it stops. While you're pulling, you'll hear a faint "pop" coming from the front of the car. That's the latch releasing the hood, and is perfectly normal. Don't panic, nothing's broken!

Step 2: Move to the front of the car. Turn to face the windshield. To open the hood, you will need to feel around for a small square tab underneath the hood. Place your hand underneath the hood immediately to the left of the line in the hood.

This is the tab you're feeling for:

Next, move your hand slightly to the right. You should feel the tab. Press on it, as in the photo:

While pressing on the tab, take your free hand, slide it under the hood, and lift the hood up. Careful, it's heavier than it looks! Keep holding the hood up with one hand while your other hand goes about freeing the prop rod that will keep the hood open with no hands.

This is the prop rod you're looking for:

It swings up and to the left to a plastic-lined slot in the hood:

While you're holding the hood open with one hand, grab the prop rod with the other, free it with a gentle upward tug, and swing it up to slip into that plastic slot in the hood, like so:

There you go! The hood's open, and won't fall down on you while inspecting the engine.

To close the hood, follow these directions in reverse.

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Not sure if I should say Thank You or WTF? Glad to see you have a sense of humor.
This shouldn't need responding, but since it does, I'll try to be polite about it.

I've walked into more people than I care to count that have no idea what they're doing when it comes to cars, just like some people have no idea what they're doing when it comes to computers. I had to teach my sister in law how to open her hood and check her oil. She's the kind of person who doesn't notice when there's a wheel-sized patch of leaked oil on the ground (dirt & gravel) where she parks.

There are plenty of people out there who would benefit from having a tutorial to describe simple tasks to them. Let's not belittle those people. There are many people out there who haven't the slightest clue how to do anything automotive related, and rely on their dealerships to do their inspection to make sure everything is working correctly. I personally know of people who have never opened their hoods in their life. I know of people who have brought their cars into the shop for a brake change because their pads and rotors are metal-on-metal on all 4 corners. To us, that's dumb, but to someone who doesn't know, it's confusing.

Consider that sciphi took the time to thoroughly describe a process he might consider elementary and perhaps mundane in order to empower someone to perform simple tasks they may not otherwise have been able to. If you have something to add or a recommendation to make respectfully, please do so, but don't troll someone else's efforts, especially when no similar efforts exist on your part.

In other words, if you have nothing to contribute or no sincere thanks to give to someone who made an effort to help other people, move along.
XR chill out we were just having a little fun. I guess we should have asked the OP if he was indeed serious or was it just a parody???? If he was serious; then my apologies to him. But you seem to be alot more butt hurt about then he does.
We're cool, When I saw his other How to thread I realized that he is serious and thanked hom for his efforts.
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