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How-To: Paint and Install a Smoothlock door lock cover

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How-To: Paint and Install a Smoothlock door lock cover

I wanted a way to enhance my Cruze (or 5th Gen Camaro) and this little item fit the bill perfectly. It covers up the only “eyesore” on the driver’s side of the vehicle. It is a quick, simple and relatively inexpensive way of enhancing your ride.

This tutorial is designed to teach you, as a novice, how to paint and install a Smoothlock lock cover. For the experienced painter this is a breeze for a project.

Tools Required:

Materials Required:
(If your Cruze is black, no need for painting at all)
First thing gather all your materials and select a clean,well ventilated area.

Product Material property Paint Solvent Magenta

Spread out the tarp and set the cardboard on the tarp. Lay the clean Smoothlock(s) on the scrap,black side up (paper side down).Holding the adhesion promoter perpendicular to the Smoothlock (part from now on) about 6 to 8 inches away and just off to the side of it.

Line Text Parallel Font

Start spraying and move the can steadily and fairly quickly in an even side to side motion over the part and stop spaying just past the part (1-2). Try to keep the orientation of the can the same throughout the coat i.e. do not rotate or roll your wrist as you start spraying or when coming off the object.
You want to put on two light coats in this fashion with an appropriate waiting time in between coats.

Roof Table Plastic

I would rotate your path about 60 degrees to spray the second coat (3-4). (If for some reason the part does not go from glossy to matte over the entire surface you may need another coat.)

Line Circle Parallel Diagram

Following the directions on the can, wait for the adhesion promoter to dry. Perform the same basic steps to add the color coats.I ended up putting on four light coats including the initial tack coat, but put on what you think looks good.The first few coats will leave plenty of the black showing through, but that is a good thing, so don’t be impatient and respray to make it look better right away.

Red Hood

Subsequent coats will fill in the color. Remember the thicker the paint layer though,the easier to chip once dry.

Paint Road surface Asphalt Road

I would wait at least a day for it to dry for best results,but you could actually finish quicker if you are in a hurry. Just be mindful of possible smudging or fingerprinting. Once dry, very carefully take the hobby knife with a new blade and cut the paint layer from the paper backing. This only requires a light touch as you are not cutting through the paper, only the paint.This step will help insure you don’t tear the paint layer (ask me how I know) when removing the adhesive protection paper.

To prep the vehicle, use a little rubbing alcohol on the cloth and gently clean the stainless and the surrounding paint (this is so you don’t need to clean it after you apply the Smoothlock and scratch the fresh paint.) Now it is time to stick it on!

(For the long drawn out version, keep reading…) Once the alcohol has evaporated, gently peel the paper backing off of the Smoothlock. As the space is tight and recessed, if you have big fingers, eyeball the placement in your mind’s eye before actually emplacing it. Center the Smoothlock and stick it on as centered as you can. If it catches on the painted surface of the car, do not press as it can crack the paint on the Smoothlock. Just gently remove it and try again. Once done, stand back and enjoy …

Another mod well done! :eek:

Any questions?

How much? They are approximately $9.99 each and as of now there are three vendors.

Another link to look at for: a better painting tutorial or this one: Pleasure Cruze Build
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I tried multipletime fixthe broken ln an upload hepics- an"t! very frustrating.


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Well, I tried to fix all the pics and links to make this readable, but there are still some glitches in the editing process - i.e. no advanced etc.
Well I was finally able to fix this. I have yet found a way to get rid of the visual "attachments" photos or the red lettering "attachment #######", but it is far better than when I first uploaded.

Has anyone tried this yet?
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