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how to: Paint your window sill

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things you will need:
a flat head screw driver
paint (any color)

this is by far one of the easiest things to do visually on your cruze that makes a world of difference!
the sill im talking about are these chrome ones:
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Mid-size car Luxury vehicle

to take them off, open your door. on the end of the chrome sill at the bottom on your door youll see a small plastic cap. the screwdriver will slide right in underneath the cap, simply pull towards you and pry it off. then (with a bit of force) lift the sill off of the door. towards your sideview mirror you will need to slide a bit of the sill out of a small cubby. then, paint!
wait for the paint to dry completely and then line up the rubber seal of the sill on the door frame and press the sill back into place.
it could be a little tricky to slide the end of the sill into the hole near your sideview mirror, just be patient :)
now, repeat for your other three windows!

**note, the non window panel that has a piece of chrome is glued onto your car along with plastic clips holding it into place. i did not take mine off but rather taped off the area and painted the sill as it sat on the car.
happy modding :)

i used a can of black plasti dip to paint my sills, here are a few pictures of the finished product on my crystal red diesel :)

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Vehicle door Red
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Alloy wheel Mid-size car
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Chevrolet cruze Chevrolet
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I figured I could someday find an LS cruze owner to swap my chrome for their stock blacked out pieces. I do like some chrome accents, just not down the side of the car like that.
I had found a website one day that had the black pieces as replacement, they were fairly inexpensive, but I lost the site and plasti dip was cheaper anyways lol. plus since they're aluminum you can always change the color to fit whatever accent you have on your car!

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I just taped around the all the chrome areas then plastidipped. I didn't feel like taking eveything apart. Too much work IMO haha. I really like how it looks without all the chrome on it.
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