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How to remove badges

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I want to remove the Chevy bowtie from the trunk, how do you get it off with damaging the paint or anything else? I want to start making some cosmetic changes to my Cruze.
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really the Bowtie is only glued on? I thought it was also screwed on? If not, I completely agree with above but with a few changes. I debadged the whole car this way. 1. apply even heat with heat gun but don't over do it. 2. wrap a butter know with two layers of a micro fiber. 3. Slowly work the knife under the badge while applying heat until you can grab it with your hands. 4. Remove badged. 5. If some glue remains, you can use googone and a mirco fibre. If there is a lot a rubber wheel will be your best friend. A quick buff and polish afterwards and done.
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