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How to remove paint drips & smooth out texture on a re-painted door?

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I have a 2013 White Summit LTZ that I recently had to bring to a collision shop to fix some dents and scratches on my passenger side doors from a minor collision. They fixed the dents and scratches by sanding it down and repainting, I can't even tell anything was done.

However, they had to repaint the doors and I noticed at certain angles theres paint drips! It's hard to tell with white paint but it's definitely there. Another issue is, the newly painted doors have a different texture/color compared to the original panels next it. It's hard to tell from a distance but if you look closely there's a noticeable difference. The new paint has a slight yellowish tint to it. I wonder if a clay bar can fix that?

Is there something I can do to get rid of the paint drips, should I bring it back to the body shop? Also, the door was only repainted a week ago, I wonder if I wait a few months, after the paint fully cures, will it look better?

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Yeah but watch out your insurance will go up for putting claims through its cheaper to do that now but could end costing your more later unless you have a one time at fault repair like I have, that won't go against your record on the insurance l, just my 2 cents hope it works out good for you though and that's what happens when people cheap out on product, I bet you won't ever go back again
Fear not....that isn't how the insurance co. plays.
They paid a shop good money for a quality job.
The job was substandard.
They will pay the second shop to get it right and ask the first shop for a credit or they will remove the shop from the suggested shops list.
It is not the insureds fault he recieved a substandard job....he will not be penalized.

Yeah, the first job was covered by Geico. Actually the shop was recommended by Geico (which I think is suspicious). I'm thinking the first shop used cheap materials and cut corners to reduce the cost that Geico has to pay. Geico actually has an office inside this collision center (which is even more suspicious!).

That's why I ran to an independent shop who looks out for the customer, not the insurance company.
You done good!

Please report how the second attempt comes out.

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