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How to: Remove windshield wiper arms and windshield cowl

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Third times a charm. Okay, I figured since there wasn't a thread on this, why not do the honors. The process of this was pretty simple really.

Tools needed:
10mm socket
15mm socket
3/8" ratchet
Interior trim removal tools (These are the plastic nylon type). I recommend using these to prevent from gouging up your plastic and creating other damage to your car.
Beverage of choice
Rock music

So first thing is first. Remove the long weather strip seal that runs along the windshield cowl.

Next is to start removing the plastic retainers that hold the cowl in place. There is a slit in the retainer to help with ease of removal. Then once your in the slit, just simply pry up and insert the tool underneath the head of the retainer and pry up again to completely remove it.

Remove the plastic cover over the nut holding the wiper arm on the wiper transmission. I used the same tool to remove any plastic retainers for safety.

With your ratchet and 15mm socket, remove the nut holding the wiper arm in place.
Now you can remove the wiper arm. I didn't use any special tools because it doesn't really require any because its just a wiper arm lol.

Press down on the hinge part with your thumb like I am here.[URL=][/URL]

While your pressing down on the hinge part, place your hand under the arm where my hand is and carefully pull up. The arm should pop right off.

Now you can remove the windshield cowl covers. I started with the passenger side first because it interlocks with the driver side as it sits on top of the driver side one. Grab it here like so and pull up. It will come off with ease.

Then pull it off the windshield towards you. The windshield sits in a slit that's on the cowl cover. Ill show you here later.

Now do the same thing with the driver side cowl cover. They can be a pain but a little patience makes the process so much easier.

This is where the windshield rests in the slit I was telling you earlier. Hopefully you can see it. I forgot to point it out in the picture lol.

If your wanting to take the wiper transmission out, it has 3 10mm bolts holding it on. Once those are out, just pull the transmission out and unplug the wire harness. It has one of those stupid clips that's on the headlight bulb socket to keep it locked in. I didn't take a picture of that either.

Then reassemble everything. You want to reinstall the driver side cowl cover first, then the passenger side just as a friendly reminder.

Hope this helps out. Thanks
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I got it now brian lol. The computer was being stupid as usual. Sorry for looking like a dumbass.
Find much dirt under there MATT?

Hopefully once you get it all back together, you can hop right into that car of yours and drive around the world. Because you're a wanderer?
Find much dirt under there MATT?

Hopefully once you get it all back together, you can hop right into that car of yours and drive around the world. Because you're a wanderer?
Actually there was alot more than I expected lol. With 10k miles I didn't think it would be as bad as it was. It was like a dirty greasy type of filth.

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I can't see how to disconnect the transmission from the post on the motor. Nut is off, but not moving at al. The rest is pretty straight forwar
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