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How-To: Replace CPASV (Camshaft Position Actuator Solenoid Valve) Seals

Yes, I needed to make up an acronym for this one. Moving forward, let's just refer to them as CPASV seals. I found these seeping on my 2012 Cruze at 58,000 miles when I noticed a slight oil loss (about 4oz in 7,000 miles). The area under them on the side of the block was a bit wet. You won't need more than half an hour from start to finish to replace these.

Tools Required:
- In-lb torque wrench (Available on
- E10 socket and ratchet
- 10mm socket
- Flathead screwdriver
- Shop towel/rag

Part Required:
GM part number: 2 x 55592715 (Available on

If you don't have an in-lb torque wrench, I'd recommend getting one before starting. They're under $40 shipped on Amazon or Harbor Freight.

Disconnect the battery ground. You will need to cut power to the engine when disconnecting sensors or the PCM will throw the fans into limp mode. 10mm socket to loosen the nut.

Optional: Remove the air intake box. I had the K&N intake, so I had plenty of space without needing to remove the intake. At minimum, disconnecting the MAF sensor gives you more working space.

Disconnect CPASV wiring. Use a flathead screwdriver in a gentle twisting motion to slide back the gray tab. Then, press down on the tab while pulling the socket outward to disconnect.

Remove the two E10 bolts on each CPASV as pictured.

Being careful not to exert excessive pressure on the plastic socket attached to the CPASV, pull it out with a gentle rotating back and forth motion. Mine came out very easily.

Use your shop towel/rag to wipe the mating surface of the block and its seal.

Remove the old seal. If it's stuck, you can gently pry it with a screwdriver, being careful not to scratch or nick the metal surface. This will slide right off.

Wipe off the mating surface of the CPASV, and install new seal.

Reinstall CPASV and torque bolts to 71 in-lb, NOT ft-lb.

Repeat for the other CPASV, and top off oil as needed.

Reconnect battery ground.

Adjust torque wrench back down to zero position for storage.


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Was one leaking more than the other? I noticed some black crud under the back cam. I think that's the intake side. Front one seems to be relatively dry. I'm at 49,000 on my 2012.

I also noted that disconnecting the Air Temperature sensor changing the air filter caused the radiator fans to go into hyper active mode. Turning the car off and restarting made it go away, but it was extremely scary. Sounded like a jet engine going off.
Not sure if one was leaking more. At $22 shipped for the pair, I wasn't going to replace just one.

The hyperactive fans are the reason I recommended disconnecting the battery, although that's a good habit to get into when working on cars anyway.

Nicely done Xtreme - but why wasn't it covered under Powertrain warranty?
I'm sure it is covered, but 20 minutes driving round trip, having to pull child seats in and out twice, spending an hour at the dealer...didn't sound like a good use of my time when the seals cost $23 and change shipped to my door. Plus, I had the opportunity to make the writeup for 2011 owners that are now coming out of warranty and anyone else who finds it more cost effective to replace them themselves.

Nice write up. I noticed a bit of seeping on both of my CPASV seals as well. In my case, I loosened the bolts and re-torqued them down. No leaks from them yet in the past 1000 miles.

As a side note, the alldatadiy service manual lists 71 in-lbs for my CPASV bolts for my 2013 1.4T. Maybe the spec was changed from 2012-2013 Cruze?
I figured if they're leaking, they could be replaced. As for. The torque spec, you may be right. I was given this spec from a GM tech. I'm not sure why there's a discrepancy. They don't need to be on there very right so I'm sure either torque spec works. I'll update the post to the lower spec.

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These gaskets are $4.95 each at, with shipping starting at $2.00. Even appears to allow you to add an oil filter to this order and not change shipping.

Probably cheaper on the shipping than must GM OEM parts locations online.
I didn't even bother checking rockauto for these. Good idea. Shipping was more than the cost of the gaskets on GMPD.
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