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How-To: Replace door speakers

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Here is my first how to so i hope it comes out well. I took numerous photos and anyone having questions feel free to ask. On with the show...
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Here we have our right rear door. Basic at this point.
Auto part Technology

Here's what's going in. Polk Audio components and Crutchfield speaker adapters.
Auto part

Here's a close up of the speaker adapters.
Sink Plumbing fixture Kitchen sink Automotive exterior Bumper

Here's a close up of one of the two torx bolts holding on the door. They are size T15 btw. This one is in the arm rest, the other is behind a plate by the door handle.
Wire Snow Technology Vehicle Auto part

Here is the door panel removed. You can see two cables. The one with the yellow is the door latch, the other is the plug for the power window switch.
Wire Fuel line Auto part Automotive lighting Engine

A close up of the latch connector.
Machine Auto part

A close up of the harness for the window switch. Push the button on the side, and it pops right off :)
Vehicle Motor vehicle Vehicle door Car Automotive exterior

The door with the interior panel removed.
Vehicle door Automotive exterior Vehicle Car Bumper

The backside of the interior panel. You can see where the connectors are that hold it to the door.
Audio equipment Loudspeaker Car subwoofer Subwoofer Auto part

Here is the door speaker. This one is the Pioneer upgrade system. More to come in the next post.
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chuck5330 how difficult are the door panels to remove? Do they snap back in nice and tight after the install? How do the brackets supplied by Crutchfield fit, any problems? I finally got all my speakers in for the upgrade. Luckily I don't have the Pioneer system with the standard system can adjust the balance just fine just upgrading to a higher quality speaker.
According to his pictures the rear door speakers say they are 6ohm.

chuck5330 yep I ordered a trim piece tool set along with the speakers and other stuff. Just need to get me a soldering iron to do the connections and wait for some somewhat decent weather and get mine installed. What size screws did you use to secure the speaker to the mounting bracket? The Polk's I got didn't include any hardware for that.
chuck where did you end up placing the crossover box when you did have the speakers installed?
Thanks for the write up. Just got done installing my Polks today, panels came off nice and easy. Driver side door was a little tricky with the added plug for the mirrors but not horrible. Definitely an improvement over stock, deeper bass which is what I wanted and just better sounding speakers. I should note the standard system speakers are 4 ohm 20 watt speakers.
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