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How-To : Replace rear doors speakers

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Since rear door speakers are sounding very weak and cheap like the previous generation cruze, i decided to replace them with something better and add some to the rear deck. i was hoping it is as easy as in the previous generation cruze... but no, its a little worst. I will try to explain with pictures.

1st step, you needa gen 2 Cruze :giggle:
View attachment 205489

you will need a 7mm socket to remove some screws
View attachment 205497

There is some well hidden screw for this model under the windows switch
View attachment 205505
View attachment 205513

and we continue with screw removal in the handle section
View attachment 205521

and at the bottom
View attachment 205529

now the tricky part, you will need to pry at each clip carefully, if some clips stay on the door, you will need to place them back at their place on the door panel.
after all the clip are "unclip", you will need to pull the entire "door panel" UP! it's a bit difficult because the windows seal will remove at the same time. and take care of the lock pin.
here are 2 pictures of the end result just to show you where all the clips are.
View attachment 205537
View attachment 205545

once it's done you will need to release the handle cable and it's done
View attachment 205553

a picture of the back of the oem rear speaker
View attachment 205561

time to change speakers AND...
it's time for you to do it in reverse but..

you need to remove the 5 metal clip and the windows seal from the "door panel" and put them back on the car door in their slot
(and put back the plastic clip on the "door panel" if some stayed on the car door and not already done)
View attachment 205569

then you clip it all together (there is a cylinder at each top side at the back for alignment of the panel, it's easy)
and put all the screws back in place.
View attachment 205577
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Excellent work , I also want to place the speakers 6x9 pioneer in the back cover. But I 'm in doubt connected in parallel to the rear by the impedance . All this without amplifier. I want a more surround sound.
This why its best to just get the car with the upgraded stereo. The 9 speaker system bose compared to my 2011 9 pioneer speaker system is night and day. It got clear highs and lows. Not super loud but sounds great.

Just hope you don't have any squeaking after you took those panels off.
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