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How-To: Set Timing on 1.4L Turbo Internal Engine Video

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All rights to this video are those of the original poster on youtube. I thought I would post links here for those that maybe interested seeing the front cover removed on a 1.4L

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

For those that need to replace a head gasket due to an over temperature situatation would you need the adjustment tool between the camshafts? There's a kit that contains the tools and it holds the intake cam, but I don't think it holds the exhaust cam.

Anyway thought you guys would like these videos.

Thank you to the author, or company that has posted these to Youtube.
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Very nice find- I have not done this repair. However based on what I've read in the service guides, and the original GM training video that used to be posted to youtube and was removed. I thought I'd add some thoughts to this latest video

There's a plug in the timing cover facing the front side. Part of the vehicle specific timing tools is a large Pin that locks the crank at TDC. This guy does have something to lock the cams at the back, which the factory kit also has.

Timing marks are on the timing cover, a little bit further clockwise to where this guy put's the painted mark. They are in all data and chiltons online.

He doesn's show reassembly. From what I remember the key is getting the variable timing gears and bits lined up on the chain side of the camshafts. There's another holding tool for alignment that is not shown.

There's two people on the forum one with a 1.4L in an air boat, and one with a handle of MarkJ (or something like that if I recall correctly) Search Meth injection.

Both have done head gaskets, and I believe the consensus is that you need the timing tool for the chain side of the cam actuators. If I recall the guy with the 1.4L turbo in the airboat has done head gaskets many times, and when I asked him, he posted a picture of the tools, which were aftermarket versions of the Kent Moore timing tools.

I didn't look at the Spanish guy's channel to see if he posted the reassembly of the repair. Making your own timing mark, and possibly not locking the crankshaft to TDC probably is ok..

But the variable timing assemblies that are attached to the intake and exhaust camshaft that could be an interesting issue without the tool.

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It there a way to get these videos recorded or uploaded again?
Welcome Aboard!:welcome:

You'll have to ask the original youtube poster. These were just linked here as a courtesy. The spanish one is still live though as are at least three others.

Don't forget to introduce yourself and your Cruze here.
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