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All Cruze Ecos come with a wimpy stock single tone horn. All other Cruzen get a much louder dual tone horn. One thing I noticed was that people rarely seemed to acknowledge my existence when using the stock Eco horn. So I decided to swap to the regular Cruze dual tone horn. This is a direct plug and play swap.

Tools Recommended:

- T20 Torx bit
- Body panel/trim push pin removal tool (a flat head screw driver and trim tools work)
- 13mm deep well socket
- Phillips screwdriver, if needed

Parts Required:

- 94526131 Cruze dual tone horn


1.) You have two ways of doing this, You can either go up through the bottom behind the bumper as shown below, or remove the front bumper cover. I went the former route in order to avoid breaking the annoying tabs on the bumper cover during removal. I also have long, lanky arms and hands so I was able to maneuver between the bumper cover and the front end to remove the old single tone horn and install the dual tone horn.

2.) If you want to remove the front bumper cover and make things a little easier on yourself (or if you have big hands/arms/fingers) I used this video to remove the bottom air deflector, and it shows removal of the front bumper cover as well as the final location of the dual tone horns on the driver's side:

3.) If you are like me and want to avoid pulling the front bumper cover and have some patience, I will now go through how I swapped the horns without pulling the front bumper cover. You may also consider removing the driver's side wheel well cover too.

- Remove the front air deflector that is attached to the front bumper. The video I linked in step 2 shows how to do this very well. You will need the push pin tool and the T20 torx bit for this step.

- The following picture is looking at the driver's side fog light. You want to remove the front temperature sensor from the fog light trim which is the slot located to the right of the driver's side fog light when looking from the front of the vehicle (the video in step 2 also demonstrates how to remove it). I didn't bother unplugging it, just move it out of the way for now. In addition, you will need to unplug the driver's side fog light harness, if equipped. This is the gray wiring shown below.
Wire Electrical wiring Technology Auto part Electronic device

- After unplugging the harness to the fog light and removing the temperature sensor from the front trim, you are ready to remove the fog light, if equipped. There are 3 screws total, with one being on the far side of the fog light as indicated by the three circles in the image below. As I said before, this is where long, lanky and thin arms/hand/fingers comes into play. It is a tight fit to maneuver in this space. The screws require a Philips screwdriver. I used a short Philips bit with a 1/4 inch drive ratchet and 1/4 in socket for clearance.
Wire Auto part Fictional character

- If you haven't given up yet and just removed the front bumper cover, the rest is easy. Without the fog light out of the way, you can now reach up and access the horn. There will be a wiring harness that plugs into the assembly near the bottom. Unplug the harness from the horn assembly. If you look up above the horn assembly, there will be a 13 mm nut holding the horn assembly in place. I used a 3/8 inch ratchet with an extension and 13mm deep well socket to get to it. Once again, it will be a tight fit. The horn is shown by the dust cover in the following image.
Wire Electrical wiring Cable Technology Auto part

- Now that the horn is removed, here is a comparison of the Eco single tone horn to the regular Cruze dual tone horn. The Eco single tone horn is on the left, with the regular Cruze two tone horn on the right.
Auto part

- I removed the dust guard from my original Eco horn and put it on the uncovered horn on the dual horn set for increased protection of the new horns (only comes with 1 guard stock). Depress the two rear clips and the guard will slide off the front. You can now install it on the new dual tone horn.
Product Auto part Wire

- Now place the new dual tone horns in the stock location. They will fit onto the bolt and slot. The end of the video in step 2 shows the location and orientation of the dual tone horns. When tightening down the 13 mm nut, the torque value is only 13 ft-lbs (156 in-lbs), so you don't need to wrench down very hard to get it on.

- The rest is the reverse of removal. Plug in the new horn harness into the slot on the horn assembly(you may want to test operation at this point). Install the driver's side fog light and 3 screws, if equipped. Install the outside temperature sensor in the fog light trim by popping it through the back. Plug in the driver's side fog light harness. Reinstall the front air deflector to the bumper.

4.) After it's all buttoned back up, you are done! Below is a sound comparison of the stock Eco horn first, and the dual tone horn second. My wife was in the house during this time and commented that the dual tone setup was much louder.

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None of your pictures came through.

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I recently traded my 1LT cruze for a LTZ sonic, Who would have guessed I would end up with the weak, pathetic ECO single tone horn.... GRRR. Looking into it though it seems I can also do this mod for plug and play upgrade.

Dear GM if I wanted a toyota horn I would have bought a toyota. I honked at a deer in the road the other day, with the cruze dual tone horn it would have ran away scared... **** thing turned and laughed at me with this single tone horn!!!!

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Did this on my 2014 Eco today, ended up taking the bumper cover off which wasn’t too difficult. New horn is much nicer sounding and much louder!

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