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I ended up skipping the water pump. The kit I bought (listed above) did not include it, and I opted not to replace it. The water pump hasn't shown any signs of trouble, nor is it listed as a maintenance item in the owner's manual, so I opted to let it ride.

One correction: The kit above does include one bolt. But three are needed. Go figure.

The instructions call for replacing the timing belt tensioner mounting bolt, the idler mounting bolt, and the crankshaft pulley bolt, but the kit only includes the one for the timing belt tensioner.

Not sure why the kit only has 1 when 3 are needed. If I get a chance, maybe I'll bounce it off the vendor.

The bolt part numbers are:

o crankshaft pulley

o bolts for idler pulley and for mounting belt tensioner
55570291 (qty: 2)

<quasi rant>I make no claims of being an expert on torque-to-yield (TTY) fasteners, but I wonder how necessary it really is to replace these bolts.

The fastening spec for the timing belt tensioner is:
  • First pass to 20 Nm / 15 lb-ft
  • Second pass an additional 120 degrees
  • Final pass to an additional 15 degrees
It is the same for the timing idler as well.

This sequence is similar to other automotive repair procedures I've done before where new bolts are required to be used. Supposedly, this stretches the bolt which leaves it unable to be reused presumably because it would get over-stretched during re-use which would damage it.

I understand this type of tightening is common with the aforementioned torque-to-yield bolts. I hope that's correct.

I also wonder what the effect of this tightening is on the holes the bolts are screwed into. What does that do to the threads inside the block?

1.8 LUW

And, in contrast, the three bolts attaching the engine mount bracket to the block call for tightening to 45 ft-lbs, plus another 45-60 degrees. But no mention is made of using new bolts. Conversely, three other bolts which fasten the motor mount to the motor mount bracket do call for replacing. I'm stumped. </rhetoric>

View attachment 283662

Back on topic, I was otherwise pleased with the ACDELCO TCK338 kit. I used all the pieces, plus the aforementioned extra bolts that were needed. One note, the replacement timing belt tensioner did not have the pin hole in it for the locking pin, but I never needed that tool. I didn't use it removing the old tensioner, and it was easy enough (once I figured out how; see separate post) to slip the belt over the tensioner wheel with one hand while I rotated the tensioner with the other. So no need to lock the tensioner during installation either.



Thanks a lot Doug. This was pretty helpful as I’m gearing to tackle my timing belt.
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