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How-To: Trans Fluid

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Hello All! First post. Just did my transmission fluid today - 3 quarts of AMSOIL, fresh in my head so I thought I'd share.

0. Order AMSOIL ATF for Cruze Diesel.
1. Drive car onto ramps.
2. Remove computer - 2 main harness wires release, clips - slide unit up and out.
3. Remove 2 bolts holding on shifter cable - to gain access to fill hole for transmission which is plug with Torx head on it.
4. Spray WD-40, penetrating oil on trans fill plug, clean area, remove with T50 which feels loose (T55 too big)
5. I used a 2" hole saw bit on my cordless drill, made a nice hole right under transmission drain plug - used lighter to singe edges - surprising how flammable that stuff is.
6. I just removed center drain plug, drained, waited 6-8 minutes, clean plug with paper towels + WD, reinstall.
7. Grab clean funnel with extension hose and put 3 quarts back in, I only got 2 quarts out as I poured drain pan into empty AMSOIL bottles
8. Replace T50 fill cap and torque - no need for crazy tight as it's on top - tight enough that it wont rattle loose.
9. replace 2 bolts on shifter cable assy bracket.
10. replace computer.

I am going to drive it a week and repeat, trans feels great, in fact better with just 3 quarts in it at 30k. Didn't have any transmission issues, just wanted to be proactive and take good care of my Cruze Turbo Diesel..

Going to do this process 2x more times. AMSOIL is good stuff, highly recommend. I got 8 quarts of ATF and 6 Quarts of engine oil from AMSOIL (Spec'd for '14 Cruze Diesel)
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Hmm, I have 1 picture of the fill plug. Have to get it off my phone. It was a bit wierd finding the fill plug ontop of the transmission.
Thanks for posting and welcome to the forum, but there is already an epic thread on this topic in the diesel section. Seems like you added a couple steps that are not needed, and missed a couple steps that are. Please check this thread and post your experiences here:

Closing this thread.
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