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How to turn off the touch-screen display

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We recently purchased a 2012 Chevy Cruze.
When the radio is turned off, the 7″ diagonal touch-screen display stays lit up with the Chevy bowtie.
I would like to have this "giant night light" turned off when not in use, that is, when we are driving, but choose not to listen to the radio.
Can someone kindly advise me how to do this?
By the way, we love this car! :)
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2012 2LT has a dimmer switch on the head lamp switch panel. Looks like a side mounted potentiometer that you think you can turn, but have to hold it down and wait a half a day for all the dash lights to dim including the radio.

But this car is equipped with a DO NOT TOUCH screen. What model of 2012 do you have? Have no bowtie, OAT and clock just show up. Do you have navigation?
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