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How-To: Update MyLink radio to the latest version (US) (Nav Units Not Yet Tested)

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How-To: Update Chevrolet MyLink Radio to the latest version (US)

This thread is for anyone who is looking to update the software for the factory MyLink radio in their Cruze. The update files have been uploaded from my own ACDelco SPS subscription. Please read the post and the instructions carefully, as well as the TSB linked for important information before applying the update. 2013-2016 US Cruzes with this radio should be able to read this update and apply it. As for navigation units, I cannot confirm or test that this update works on one even though the TSB mentions it can be applied. Please check the thread; someone may have posted whether it worked for them or not.

If you are having issues with your MyLink system or want to be up to date you can download and install the update using a USB drive below, currently the latest version is from Sep. 2016. The TSB can be found here, 15-NA-081. It has useful info inside it in case something goes wrong, etc. If you don't have 84009432 Version E0.11.1F.40 in the Software Version Information screen, under Radio Settings, then you should be able to install this update.

Directions to update the system are included with the update, please read them carefully. Have fun updating if it works! If your radio is already up to date you will get a message on the radio asking if you want to apply the update again. Leave a comment if you need help or have a question.

update files (download all as .ZIP in mega)

directions for applying the update

Link to files via Google Drive (mirror in case Mega isn't working)

Tested it on my 2014 Cruze LTZ radio codes UFU&UP9 (mfd.11/13)
Radio software 19Aug2013
Hardware 31Aug2012
also linked is a image of the update verified on my radio
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As of 10/27/22 I no longer own my Cruze and therefore while I'll try my best to answer questions I may not be able to help on certain topics. I also do not have access to a SPS subscription, so I cannot upload any future updates if there are any.
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I know this post is a bit old but I just ran across it. So I did this tonight on our 2014 CTD and had no problems. It looks like the software in the file is from the 15-NA-081 update/campaign that GM put out in 2016. Wife had been complaining about her iPhone disconnecting from the head unit and not wanting to pair back up without removing it from the list and starting over. Apparently this software fixes that and some other issues. I don't have navigation.

List of fixes for this software from GMs TSB
• Navigation traffic flow lines do not display correctly
• Cannot enter a destination
• Navigation split screen display issues
• Radio locks up at “Calculation Route” screen
• Radio locks up at “Navigation Initializing” screen
• Radio locks up with Guidance Alert
• Radio locks up when editing a destination address
• Navigation scale display does not display correctly
• Navigation changes map modes after phone call
• Phone pairing concerns
• Voice recognition phone book inoperative until after a complete ignition cycle
• Navigation POI’s not listed correctly
• Unable to call POI’s
• Navigation POI’s flickering on display
• Navigation “Show Traffic Events on Map” not fully functional
• Navigation shows Province list as State
• Radio resets with no user input
• After pairing their iPhone to the radio, the phone does not automatically re-pair and is no longer shown in the radio’s “Device List”
• XM Weather Alerts Activate Automatically after an ignition cycle
• The bluetooth connection may be lost when replying to a text message
• (OnStar) (TBT route download) "Routing" screen appears and stays on display even though the route requested had finished downloading
• USB audio still plays through speakers while BT phone call is in session (No audio from phone)
• The radio display will freeze, go blank and come back on after a few seconds. The display may show the splash screen or come back on to the last screen that was displayed. The customer may notice a loss of radio control shortly before the concern occurs
• The radio display may freeze for an entire ignition cycle. The display may be frozen on the wrong screen, be distorted, or have lines going through it when the concern is present. The display cannot be changed and normal operation will resume after an ignition cycle
• Cannot edit phone device list when full
• Radio does not return to the correct screen after rear camera screen
• Prevents last rear vision camera screen from showing on the radio
• Rear vision camera did not go off in drive
• System does not play Podcasts when initiated from the radio
• No audio experienced at random conditions but normal chime operation is noted during the concern.
If you don't have 84009432 Version E0.11.1F.40 in the Software Version Information screen, under Radio Settings, then you should be able to install this update. I just followed the directions included in the download. I also used a battery charger to keep the voltage up, I always recommend using one for any software updates in vehicles regardless of what is getting the update.
Anyone know if this would this work with a Canadian 2015 Cruze LT?
In the TSB it says
Involved Region or Country: North America and N.A. Export Regions
Sooo.... Yes? I obviously can't confirm this though. Personally I would try it but I was already considering an aftermarket radio due to some of the issues that the update fixed for me.
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