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How-To: Update MyLink radio to the latest version (US) (Nav Units Not Yet Tested)

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How-To: Update Chevrolet MyLink Radio to the latest version (US)

This thread is for anyone who is looking to update the software for the factory MyLink radio in their Cruze. The update files have been uploaded from my own ACDelco SPS subscription. Please read the post and the instructions carefully, as well as the TSB linked for important information before applying the update. 2013-2016 US Cruzes with this radio should be able to read this update and apply it. As for navigation units, I cannot confirm or test that this update works on one even though the TSB mentions it can be applied. Please check the thread; someone may have posted whether it worked for them or not.

If you are having issues with your MyLink system or want to be up to date you can download and install the update using a USB drive below, currently the latest version is from Sep. 2016. The TSB can be found here, 15-NA-081. It has useful info inside it in case something goes wrong, etc. If you don't have 84009432 Version E0.11.1F.40 in the Software Version Information screen, under Radio Settings, then you should be able to install this update.

Directions to update the system are included with the update, please read them carefully. Have fun updating if it works! If your radio is already up to date you will get a message on the radio asking if you want to apply the update again. Leave a comment if you need help or have a question.

update files (download all as .ZIP in mega)

directions for applying the update

Link to files via Google Drive (mirror in case Mega isn't working)

Tested it on my 2014 Cruze LTZ radio codes UFU&UP9 (mfd.11/13)
Radio software 19Aug2013
Hardware 31Aug2012
also linked is a image of the update verified on my radio
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As of 10/27/22 I no longer own my Cruze and therefore while I'll try my best to answer questions I may not be able to help on certain topics. I also do not have access to a SPS subscription, so I cannot upload any future updates if there are any.
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Hi - Hoping that this thread is still alive as I am desperately seeking some help with my Cruze MyLink system.
I have an Australian Holden Cruze 2014 - all was great until I tried to connect my iPhone by bluetooth.
As there were already 5 previous phones paired I needed to delete unused ones but despite trying everything the system would not let me do it. I tried googling the issue and found nothing much except the suggestion to do a factory reset to the system to clear out the paired devices.
This worked and after the reset I was able to connect my new iPhone - All seemed good until I tried to use the Sat Nav.
Now every time I try to use the Sat Nav Iget the message "Navigation Initializing" and it just hangs but never brings up the Nav system. If I hit the BACK button I get back to the main menu and all other functions work but no Sat Nav.
I have tried everything to reset the system including resetting to vehicle factory defaults again and restoring radio to defaults as well as the usual attempts to disconnect battery etc etc.
I saw in this post that there is an update available that might resolve this "Navigation Initialising" issue and I would like to try to update my unit using the update posted here except that I am concerned that it is specifically for North American region.
I wonder if there is a similar update available for Australian region and if it could be posted here?
I have taken my car to a dealership only to be told it is out of warranty and so they not interested in helping me..
I have checked my system and the latest software version is 92287178 Version E1.10.1D.0C.
Any help would be appreciated.
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Thanks for your response Paskalampi - it is so frustrating and annoying - has worked flawlessly up till now and although the map data is a few years old now it is more than good enough for my day to day purposes and I like the standard integration which should by rights be working without the need for me to outlay huge dollars to restore. Holden dealerships are pretty cluless here and don't seem to care at all since the stop of manufacturing of Holdens in Australia. I found one dealership that was asking $250 AUD per hour to "try" to diagnose the issue but basically gave me no assurance they could fix it - they suggested I start with one hour of their time and keep my fingers crossed but told me to expect a good few hours of work if they need to do anything more than simple diagnostics including if required updating radio firmware - that's why I was kind of hoping someone on this forum could at least confirm if there is a similar update for my Holden Cruze as the one you mention in this thread - even if there is no way to download and provide that firmware at least I might be able to go to a dealer here and just request they update with the software version armed with a TSB indicating the possible bug fix.
If anyone else out there can help me would be much appreciated.
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Hi Paskalampi. With nothing to lose I did try to follow the guide just to see if I could break my Holden Mylink any more than it was already but to no avail. Regardless what I tried I could not get my system to recognise the files on USB to be seen as an update and therefore it never progressed. Wish I could find someone local in Australia that could fix my Navigation initialising problem without costing me sn arm and a leg!
I gave up and tried to install one of those aftermarket Chinese Android head units only for it to be pulled out a couple of weeks later as it was really crappy and unreliable. Worst thing is that it kept changing the dashboard screen to Chinese characters among other issues. So now back to my old dodge Mylink system which at least looks like it belongs albeit no nav!
I’ve been looking at wreckers for 2nd hand Nav head units to replace mine in hope they don’t have same software bug affecting mine but conscious of fact that I might have to do some mod to get to work for my VIN. I saw on another thread a process of reflashing EEPROM and willing to give it a go for lack of other options ( cost effective ones at least!!)

if there is anyone else out there in Australia with ability to help me with my Holden Cruze Mylink I would be happy to hear from them!
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