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Name is Alex, (friends call me Buddy) 21 years old, located in Frisco, college student, and geek culture enthusiast. Been living in Texas for 5 years, moved here from Moorpark, CA and was born in Fresno, CA. So far, loving it more and more just because I can fill up for under $40! I just bought myself my first car on 8/4/15! And it's a 2013 Chevy Cruze LS, 6spd manual. I love it more and more, over my '98 Wrangler. I love that I can drive to Texoma, and back, (47 miles one way) and STILL have gas left to get me to and from school, and work for the next week or two. I'm an amateur film photographer, also on a competitive Magic: The Gathering team, and fly fishing enthusiast. Being outdoors is amazing, and long drives in the middle of nowhere has become my therapy. My plan for this car is to pay it off, then make it a tad bit faster, and look cleaner. Maybe track it afterwards. Who knows! :D I have a very easy going personality, but a semi-short temper. (Whoops!) Hopefully, I can find some good parts, make some new friends, and enjoy the time that I'm here. Pictures of my ride soon to come! :grin:
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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