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Hey everyone,

I've been a car guy, shade tree mechanic, gear head for well over 15 years, building and driving drag cars. My current racecar is a 2001 WS.6 Trans-Am (Race-gas only, N/A, LSX) low 10s Car. I also have a 2007 Chevy Tahoe that's modded as well. (P/P intake, P/P TB, headers, full exhasut, P/P Heads, Dyno Tune). I needed a daily for a while and always wanted a Cruze, so I got one. I hope to tastefully mod it to improve MPG. I've always been the clean, keep it as close to stock looking as possible.

I won't be able to mod it for a couple of months since I'm still out of the country, but when I get back, guarantee that you'll see my build thread.

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