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You will only need a couple tools for this. You will need the strut bar if course. I believe BNR has it. Should take 10 to 30 minutes to install depending on how fast you go with these tools. It's awkward at times when putting the nuts to torque.

You will need a lb/ft torque wrench, a 7mm Allen wrench or 90 degree torx bit (Mine took a 7mm Allen wrench, but I have Bilstein B4s) and a 24mm strut tool ( is where I got mine). You may also need an extra 22mm wrench, you will find out later.

First you need to remove the nuts and plates on top of the struts. You can use a normal wrench and the strut tool. If the shaft spins, hold it in place with the Allen or torx wrench. See pics for a sample.

Then you set the strut bar on top, flat sides facing towards the back of the vehicle.

Put the bars on top, and hand tighten the nuts on.

Tighten them with the torque wrench to 34 lb/ft. Since this part sucks to hold the Allen wrench and torque it down, I put the 22mm wrench on the Allen wrench as seen in the attached pictures. It worked great and you can repeat it for the other side.

Congratulations, you're finished!

There are also tools to make this easier, but they're really expensive. The strut tool was like $25 and the Allen wrench set was $7. You can get a 90 degree torx online, but idk the stock size. Maybe someone else can post it?

Let me know if I should redo this, I did it on my phone so it's not the best. Thanks for taking you're time to read this!


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Is there any play in the strut bar or is it supposed to be tight and not move?

I installed mine and have the top nut as tight as I can get it but the strut bar still has a little play in it.
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