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So being the person that I am, I'm kinda balling on a budget and was able to get an HPTuners tune from BNR for 300$ from a dealer a few hours from me. My review will come after this little story. I used to work in a large city and I had to take the interstate to get to work and where I needed to go. The issues I was having was being able to safely merge into traffic at higher speeds, going from 35mph to 70mph takes a lot more effort in a 4cyl car. Passing vehicles also became an issue as well, putting the pedal to floor would make car REDLINE and hate me so much. I also hated having no get up and go even while driving at slower speed even in the 45 mph range I had no power at all trying to get up to a higher speed to pass or even get to 55mph. This is a zippy little car even without a tune but it's still lacking. The only real modification that I have done to this car was a SRI from K&N. So I finally caved in and bought the HPTuners tune from BNR. This isn't the most expensive or most aggressive tun on the market right now but let me tell you I now have no issues getting up to speed, passing people, getting power to the wheels or anything. This is a night and day difference in performance and if you are balling on a budget and have 300$ that you're able to spend then I'd recommend finding a dealer near you and getting tuned ASAP. I will end up getting the EFI live tune when I'm able to spend more money for it but right this has been my best investment for this car. This tune would get a 6/5 stars if it was possible in my eyes.

TL : DR version
Couldn't pass people, had trouble getting up to speed. Got tuned, have had no issues with speed or power now.
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