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Received a letter from these people, say absolutely free in particular with coolant problems in the 2011-2012 Cruze. The the same information is available at:

Auto Lemon Law Attorneys -

While I have not had any cooling system problems, sure been unhappy with the poor quality of materials used on my brakes. Road salt is part of our life. So did submit my original invoice and photos as to the poor condition of my brakes that require constant maintenance.

Took interest in my case because they were not aware of this problem. As one example 2004 Cavalier never had this problem. But what I could not provide was three work orders from several dealers showing that work was done, but no improvements were made.

Had an interesting conversation with one of their attorneys that called me, so how can I provide a work order when several dealers even refused to address this problem, let alone take the car in and provide a work order even verifying a problems exists? Was just old, perfectly normal driving your vehicle in road salt conditions, like we have any choice in this. But said their policy is to only deal with cases were satisfaction is not given after three such work orders.

Could only reply, I feel you should review your policies. Do you think these dealers would give me a letter stating this is perfectly normal? Or I should trade it in for a new vehicle? I wouldn't even want to try this, would be up for murder chargers for killing people like this.
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