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Husky Weatherbeater 2016-2017-2018 Chevrolet Cruze Front/Rear Floor Mats BLACK

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Totaled my Cruze selling mud mats for cheap on eBay #192538359964
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I see your auction is about to end, but your calculated shipping charge on e-bay looks very high. You may want to look at your listing.
I had those same mats in my Cruze I just traded in. I was thinking of selling them on here. But, getting a box to ship them in would have been expensive, as I didn't have the original box. And the with the weight of them, I just didn't hassle with it. I think the shipping is probably correct, but even with the shipping being that high, you would be getting half off a new set, I think. Maybe 30 %, I had a trunk mat also.
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