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HVAC blower works sporadically

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I searched through the forums, and couldn't find an issue similar to mine.

I have a 2012 Cruze ECO with around 80k miles, 6 speed, and it isn't throwing any codes.

I'm having an issue with my HVAC blower working sometimes and not others. I had my blower replaced about 18 months ago at the dealership, so it isn't under their warranty anymore. I'm probably going to end up taking it back for them to diagnose, but I figured I would take a shot here first.

Sometimes it won't work when I first start the car, other times it will work for a period of time (anywhere from 1-10 minutes has been observed), and then shut off for a period of time (again anywhere from 1-10 minutes). Sometimes it will work all the time (I would guess around 40% of the time). It doesn't appear that these instances are related to driving over any bumps, but I wouldn't rule that out. Changing the air distribution and fan speeds doesn't change the fact of it working/not working, turning the system off and on doesn't change it either and finally turning the car off and on doesn't affect it either. When it isn't working, I do hear a faint woosh sound from inside the dash, this sound does stop when I turn the blower off and on when the blower isn't actually blowing.

Any ideas?

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I realize this is a temporary fix until I can find what caused the burning in the first place.
Bad connection. So if you're lucky, you've fixed it.

If you're not lucky, the heat has damaged the metal's spring tension and it won't be able to maintain a good contact. Only solution in that case is replace both connectors.
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