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I’m new here

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I just bought a used 2011 cruze LS manual. I love manuals but I’ve never Drove a 6 speed before its fed a new experience.
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Welcome Aboard!:welcome:
Welcome and congratulations.
Welcome and 2011 cruze LS manual was my first Cruze and first 6 speed manual. Just a little more shifting and realizing 6th gear is not reverse. Besides manuals are
getting hard to find esp for mid size cars.
The 2011 LS 6-speed-manual is awesome - very even/usable gear-spacing - smooth operation - much preferred to that for the 1.4L turbo/eco model, imho.
Engine power band is nice and linear without the incredible turbo-lag of the 1.4L turbo version.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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