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I bought my car from a mechanically inept dealer

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I bought this 2013 LT RS from a place that gave me a good deal. All I can say is that they are good at selling! Their service dept is loaded with mechanically inept service managers. I went up today to get a 2nd key FOB and key as they only had 1 when I purchased. I mentioned this will be programmed for my car right? and he said in a tone that made me feel as he was doing me a favor for doing this when I described to him how to do it. Then I asked about tires for my car(what they had) and I asked if they could get the Altimax RT43 and he proceeded to tell me how much I would hate them based on his 12 years of being a Service mgr. when I was just asking for prices and I mentioned that unless I agree with them they don't want to talk to me. So I went back to see their parts dept which he said they sell lots of RT43s. Then for grins and giggles I asked for prices of various tires. Most everything they had was 129 for the Continental Pro Contacts and the RT43s. Even for fun I asked how much the FR710s were and those were 110 where everywhere else in the outside world wants @ $85.

Aside from that I traded in a car that was starting to have pass lock issues(thinks it is being stolen and won't start) 2005 Chevy classic. When I got there the salesman that sold me my car asked if I had trouble with it starting. So I told him about the pass lock problem but they asked me about how to get it started and I mentioned they were a dealership and should know how to fix it. I told them how to start it and how to fix it?

Trust me, the only thing that has me compelled to go back there for anything is that they offer a lifetime mechanical warranty as long as I get all my oil changes etc done there. Believe me that is quickly diminishing in my mind as I wouldn't trust them to fix my car!!!!!
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Was it a CPO?
So far everyone here who has had a "lifetime" service contract has regretted taking their car to that dealership for service. Those contracts are, to me, a sign the service department is lousy.
Is this a funny story because I am still laughing ?
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To answer all three responses with one:
Tomko No CPO this is a 2013 with 50000 on the ODO
Ober: Yes I totally agree. I was almost waiting for them to offer me a job when I started explaining to the Service manager about a(2 shot trunk release and the trunk opening randomly) after he apparently didn't know why my new FOB had "Hold" on the trunk release but my old one did not and he tried explaining to me what the "Hold" meant and explained how to start the car with a pass lock problem. I asked why it was on my 2014 LT but not on my 2013 LT RS. This service dept is supposedly open until 3 A.M. Mon - Thur and they have all kinds of apps to schedule service and they give you "MBucks" to be used as service credit if you refer people and they mention you. And this lifetime mechanical warranty is beyond the 5yr/100K if you have the car beyond that. But I would take it to a dealer @1 mile from my house(repaired the turbo on the 2014 and tranny on my 2012 Eco) under the 5yr/100K and I would gladly pay to have work on as they know what they are doing! This place is a good 20 miles from my home and quite inconvenient and I am afraid I would have to tell them what was wrong with my car if I took it there for service. You get the idea...... when talking to the parts guy: after the service manager left he leveled with me that they sell lots of the General Altimax tires(don't know how unless people like me read tire rack reviews also and ask)

Lastly Brian: No it is sad but true!!!
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I read this story about how this guy plays a game with his dealership and how he deals with how the people treat others ie patrons and his solution .

To begin he goes out early and picks up a few dozen freshly baked donuts assorted of course . $ 50.00 worth . He then goes on a explore the dealership and service bays meet and greet with answers to the querries to why is in these off limits areas ..Patman this is about give and take . Get to know the people and being kind . It is just a game and ya have to master IT. Shoot this guy got his mustang up on a lift and serviced his 2 rear wheel bearings and hubs lickety split ..

Now here is the ? ..did you teach these people something of value ?
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