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One reason why on a brand new toy, disconnect all the running lights, and coat those neoprene gaskets with silicone. If you don't do this, that rubber will bake on.

These newer headlamps have to be air tight, 65 watt bulb in there heats up and increases the air pressure that can leak out, when they cool, will suck in moisture losing light intensity. Was tight even when brand new, but also coated my 04 Cavalier with silicone, no problem even after eight years in removing them. Just like they don't give a darn.

Really had problems removing the tail light housings on my then new Cruze, held in by two phillips screws under those caps with the trunk lid opened. But had a plunger in front jammed into a rubber bushing, had to use vacuum suction cups to carefully pull those out.

Not a darn reason why they have to be this tight, opened up that rubber bushing with a drill, and coated with silicone so I could slide them out easily with my fingers. Same with the fog lamps I installed myself. Always carry spare bulbs, hear on the news, you can get shot if a tail lamp burns out. But have to be nice. In Wisconsin, the cops have the right to search your vehicle with a burnt out tail lamp. This can be very inconvenient.

Oh, those tail lamps still don't rattle. All I can say, is have fun, call this post production work.
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