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I had my BCM (Body,Control Module) sent to the wizards of GM to fix a circuit I had blown control in blinkers and interior map/vanity lights, instantly I noticed a rough idling putter, but as soon as I give her throttle it's a smooth ride. Then I noticed ONLY the passenger side window goes up real slow, then I noticed the idle of the car would swan dive to about 450-600 RPMs when under slightly above average electrical demand, so heat heated seats radio volume window control, anything other than idling really. I ended up at my dealer for unrelated reasons and decided to pick the techs brain on this issue and he said GM doesn't fix circuits they replace the whole BCM and that it he's to undergo significant programming and synchronizing with my particular car to work and mine probably didn't go through that...

I always assumed the symptoms pointed to unsatisfactory charging system, alternator going (she's 5 y/o next month) especially considering I have led lights all around and a subwoofer in the trunk.

"If it sounds like hoofs it's probably a horse, don't go looking for a zebra" comes to mind, what do you think about what they told me or what do you think could cause this issue or any feedback is greatly appreciated guys thanks!

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I don't know exactly where you live but there is a remanufacture here in taunton,ma.. I had my buddies truck dash cluster sent there. here is a eBay link & they have a online store. I know a lot of dealers that send there stuff to them around here. A long time ago I use to ship for GM & learned a lot about them subcontracting out. I miss the deals on car parts but I hated nights
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