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I guess I have to thank the dealer for their messup...

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So I have a 2013 that when adding the fog lights, the BCM has to be flashed. My local dealership wanted $120.00 for this which was way overpriced. I attempted to just use the wire out of the back of the OEM fog light switch and use to power a relay and learned it uses 5 volts instead of 12 which makes the relay click and not work right. So another member (HoPo99) told me about a SSR that is a relay for 5 volts to turn on 12 volt systems. Needless to say while installing the SSR I was noticing an issue and happen to retest the OEM fog light fuse in the engine bay and discovered when I took the Cruze in for a bad water pump that they must have flashed the BCM since the circuit now worked. Im not sure why the did the flash because it was no where on the paperwork saying it was done but now the OEM setup works and I did not have to pay for the flash...

Now I just have to return the $10.00 SSR.
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When was your Cruze built? We know that at some point in the 2013 model year GM changed the BCM to no longer need a flash to make the GM Fog Lamps work.

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Mine was built in February and sadley they changed it in march.
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