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Not to sure if I'll even put it on. I might sell it. I will no longer purchase a zzp product. Between dirt smudges in the pillar nothing lines up. And the top clip is not made the right way. Finding this one once all my wires are ran and the pillar is in and almost all the way clipped in and can't figure out why it won't fully go in made it frustrating. I still have to wire them up to work. But here's the finished product.

View attachment 69057

As as far as exhaust goes I'll be making my own catback for sure. Most likely will be using a hushpower muffler
I can understand you on that one. My pillar didn't fit right at all. In the end I had to rig it to leave it installed. They had never heard of it before though, hmm.

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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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